The first-ever Global THINK AORTA Meetup on Sun 18th April saw THINK AORTA practitioners from around the world come together to share their work and ideas, in order to inspire others and drive the growth of our global campaign to save lives in acute Aortic Dissection.

The panel included speakers from the UK, Northern Ireland, North America, South America and continental Europe, covering pre-hospital medicine, emergency medicine, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and the all-important patient perspective.

Chair of AD Awareness UK & Ireland, Mr. Gareth Owens, said: “THINK AORTA saves lives. The free resources on our website are our gift to the world, to help solve the problem of misdiagnosis and delay in acute Aortic Dissection wherever it happens. We are so excited that a campaign started here in the UK, backed by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the Society for Cardothoracic Surgery and Heart Research UK, is now a global, life-saving movement with many influential supporters.”

Watch the video of the global THINK AORTA Meetup here: