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Aortic Dissection - UK Research Workshop

Posted on 11th December 2020

On 11th December 2020, Aortic Dissection Awareness UK&I were delighted to attend and present at a national Aortic Dissection Research Priorities workshop, commissioned by Secretary of State for Health after our meeting with him to highlight the issue of AD.

Aortic Dissection - UK Research Workshop

The workshop was attended by many leading experts in the field of Aortic Dissection, from both research and clinical practice. Members of AD Awareness UK&I also attended and put the patient voice front and centre of the workshop, supported by expert representatives from Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Imaging and Diagnostics, Cardiology, Biochemistry, Cardiac & Vascular Surgery and Bioengineering.

The workshop proved highly successful and a report on the proceedings is currently in preparation. Once issued, it will inform both researchers and funders, so that more high-quality, high-priority research that directly benefits patients can be funded and progressed.

Our input from the patient standpoint sought to ensure that research priorities are focused around the key issues that matter to patients and which will deliver early and significant patient benefits. These include process innovation, service improvement and national implementation of best practice, to address the problems of diagnosis and unwarranted regional variations in care and outcomes, which are sadly all too common and currently cost patients their lives.

We are grateful to the Secretary of State and to NIHR for organising this workshop, to the experts who attended and contributed strongly, and to the funders who will receive the results and act on them in order to deliver more high-priority research in Aortic Dissection.  We are confident that as we all work together on the identified research priorities, we can create transformational changes in Aortic Dissection care and outcomes for the future.