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Patient Transfer: The TRAVERSING Study

The TRAVERSING study achieved a multi-disciplinary consensus on inter-hospital transfer of patients with acute aortic syndrome, which will save lives and improve outcomes.

The TRansfer of thoracic Aortic Vascular Emergencies to Regional Specialist INstitutes Group project is a national study of the acute aortic syndrome (AAS) patient pathway, from the point of diagnosis to the arrival of the patient in a specialist Aortic centre for treatment. The study delivered a consensus guideline for the safe transfer of patients with suspected AAS to a specialist Aortic centre through a Delphi consensus exercise.

Aortic Dissection Awareness UK & Ireland partnered in the project, which included our members reviewing project plans, inputting to the Delphi study design, supporting questionnaire dissemination and the review of project outputs and co-authoring the resulting paper.

The TRAVERSING study was published in the Emergency Medicine Journal on 2nd December 2023.