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Family & Carer Support

Family & Carer Support

We are the national patient charity for aortic dissection - dedicated to providing support to our families and friends that have been affected by aortic dissection.

Supporting families, carers and friends

We understand that looking after someone you care about after they have an aortic dissection can be an overwhelming and worrying time. You may not have any previous knowledge about the condition and now need to care for someone that may need a lot of support.

We want to help you get the advice and support you need. We have a lot of experience, but if we don’t know the answer, we can always point you in the right direction. We hope that with our support you will feel better equipped to help both your family or friend and of course, yourself.

We have support available in the form of our Patient Guide which provides helpful information for patients and families after an aortic dissection. You can also join our friendly, private Aortic Dissection UK Buddies Group on Facebook, which provides invaluable friendship, support and advice for those dealing with the condition and will help you to support your loved one.

The Facebook Buddy group is an invaluable resource for families and carers to get support, have questions answered and understand what an aortic dissection means and what short and long-term support may be required. The Buddies are a friendly and open group that will help you as a carer, relative or friend of someone who has experienced an aortic dissection.

We also have a Facebook group dedicated to caregivers. We understand the pressures and difficulties that close relatives and friends face supporting patients through and after an aortic dissection. It can be a frightening time and you may not get the answers you need. Try to find time to look after yourself and take breaks from caring duties when you can, it is important to look after yourself too.

We provided a safe space for those involved with supporting family and friends of those affected by Aortic Dissection.

Please do get in touch. One of our Admins will be happy to offer you support and introduce you to other members.