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THINK AORTA is the simple, effective diagnostic strategy for acute Aortic Dissection that we launched as a high-impact campaign which is now saving lives around the world.

THINK AORTA was launched in the UK in partnership with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) and Heart Research UK. Our highly-successful campaign also attracted the endorsement of the Royal College of Radiologists, the Vascular Society and the UK Government's Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB).

Internationally, THINK AORTA is endorsed by a growing number of leading professional medical and surgical societies, including in the USA the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Society for Vascular Surgery and in South America, the Sociedade Brasileira de Angiologia e de Cirurgia Vascular (SBACV) in Brazil. 

Visit our THINK AORTA website to learn more and to download our free educational resources. You can also purchase branded THINK AORTA merchandise in our online shop to help spread awareness of the campaign and save lives.

The Emergency Department team at Wishaw General Hospital in Lanarkshire were among the first to implement the life-saving THINK AORTA diagnostic strategy for acute Aortic Dissection